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11 posts from August 2006

August 30, 2006

up and at 'em ...

After a week and a half I'm FINALLY up off the couch and feeling better! And I spent the whole day in my studio stamping! It was great!

Look how simple an elegant Christmas card can be! You could make a ton of these babies in no time and they'd all be gorgeous! And who says it takes too long to make handmade cards?!? *wink* I love the sparkly Creative Candy ornaments too! The star on top is also dusted with shiny glitter, but it's not showing up so well in the photo ... which is a shame because it's really pretty in real life! *smile*

All cardstock, images, and Creative Candy by A Muse. Ink and Dazzling Diamonds glitter by Stampin Up. And ribbon from my stash!

August 25, 2006

i did it ...

I did it! I made my first actual digital page! (It would print at 6x6 size!)

Don't worry, I'm not abandoning cards ... just playing around while I'm couch-bound. *laugh*

And while it's fun, I don't know that I'd ever forgo REAL papers and RIBBONS for digital ones! *laugh*

August 24, 2006

digital scrapbooking ...

I've been meaning to check out the digital scrapbooking world for a while now, but never seemed to find the time. So I decided to stop complaining about being stuck on the couch, sick and bored, and finally give it a go! If I can't get up and make cards yet ... might as well make something, right???

*smile* It sure can get a little confusing in the beginning, eh? I saw cool things, got excited, downloaded some goodies, and then sat here wondering "now what?"

I read some tutorials and found some quite difficult to follow (and this from someone who uses photoshop for photo work on a regular basis). But I managed and ended up having a lot of fun with my new goodies. The banner up there are some of my first attempts. Go easy on me ... I'm a newbie at this! *lol*

True, they aren't traditional digital pages as such, but I'm enjoying using photos as backgrounds instead of paper at the moment. See ... I want to put together a mini book of my trip to Paris last week as a small gift for the gal I went with (I don't THINK she reads this blog, but if so ... then just forget I wrote that, Alessandra!) *wink* She loves Monet, so I bought postcards of his work we saw in the Marmotten Museum last week. My intention was to scrap on the back of the postcards and put them together on a ring at the end. Well ... now I want to do THIS to them and THEN add them to the backs of the cards. I'm still not sure about it ... but I'm flushing the idea out in my mind. What do you guys think?

And while I'm at it ... do you guys have any great websites I should be looking at for cool kits or brushes? So far I'm a BIG fan of Rhonna Farrer's kits and designs and have been all over Two Peas and the Shabby Princess, but I feel there must be more out there I'm missing!

August 23, 2006

m.i.a. ...

What's the best way to top off a busy week with company? A good old fashioned bout with a cold. You know ... the kind of cold that has you curled up on the couch under a blanket wondering why you never noticed how much flannel they wore when you watched Party of Five the first time around. (I mean, really, we're talking a serious amount of flannel here - was this Nirvana's influence on the 90''s?!) Oh well ... so, as I type, I'm STILL on said couch. However, I've started to feel well enough to be bored, but everytime I get up I end up feeling worse so I'm following Dave's advice and taking it easy. But it's hard! I haven't stamped in over a week! Gah!

In other news ... company was fun. We did a fair amount of sightseeing and shopping ... fun, but exhausting. Paris was great and I've now driven there three times on my own AND driven around the Arc de Triomphe (12 lanes of choas, baby!). I'm pretty proud of myself each time I do it and survive. *laugh* And I can't come home from one of these jaunts without thinking "how on Earth did I end up knowing my way around Paris?" That's like ... so cool! *laugh*

One of those "wow, I feel pretty lucky" moments. *smile*

Before my company left, we spent a few hours in my studio scrapbooking. She'd never tried it before and wanted to see what it was all about! (She's from Italy and said it wasn't something they really did yet.) Well, she loved it. She made three pages and I think went home a wee bit addicted. *laugh* Some other random things ... thanks to Paige for really making my day. Being sick has given me a lot of time to catch up on my favorite blogs and what did I find? My name listed among a group of very talented women! I was shocked. *laugh* Thanks for making my day, Paige!

And I also had a treat in my post box! Caroline (aka calbear) sent me the happiest little envelope filled with adorable cards! The Halloween ones were a real treat, Caroline! And where oh where did you get the alphabet you used on the envelope? I'm serious folks! It was a CUTE envelope. I should really take a pic! Thank you, Caroline! That was very sweet of you!

I'll be back to stamping in the next day or so (I hope) I have some serious stamping and crafty projects to catch up on this weekend. And if I don't get up off the couch soon I'm not only gonna' go stir crazy but I think there will be a permanent impression of my body in the cushions! *lol* And since I don't have a new card today, and hate posting without an image, I'll leave ya' with a photo from recent travels ...

The rooftops of Paris from the top of the Printemps department store.

August 18, 2006

back in town ...

*waving hello*

I know my updates have been hit or miss over the past week or so ... I've had company in town and we've been on the go nonstop: Metz, Paris, and today we're off to Heidelberg. Nonstop, I tell ya'! And I'm feeling it. My body aches! *laugh*

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you know I'd be back to posting again in the next couple of days!!!

August 14, 2006

you're special ...

I spent the weekend getting the house ready for company. You know, cleaning in all those corners the guest will never look, but you feel compelled to clean anyway? Yeah, that kinda' cleaning ...

And whenever I have company, I like to leave fresh flowers in their room ... which after cutting and arranging them yesterday made me remember to share this card with you!

The white background with yellow ric rac is actually two A Muse tags placed side by side. After securing those tags to the notecard, I stamped the flower image over both. The center of the flower was made using two circle punches and more A Muse tags! I stamped the little bee image, placed a round Creative Candy sticker on top (thanks to Julie for the idea), added a bit of green ribbon for a leaf, and voila! The sentiment was layered on leftover cardstock! Easy peasy!

All cardstock and images by A Muse, ink by Stampin Up, Creative Candy sticker (center of flower) by A Muse, and ribbon from my stash!

August 10, 2006

inspiration ...

... it's everywhere! We're going to a birthday party tomorrow night for our friend Jen and I wanted to make her a card. As I was shopping for wrapping I found this cute bag and there was the inspiration for the card too! How cool is that??? Here's a close-up of the card ...

It's super easy, but I really like that it matches the bag!

All card stock, images, ink by Stampin Up

August 08, 2006

stempel mekka and storage ...

For you ladies that are local ... you may have already heard me mention Stempel Mekka! But for those that haven't ... it's Europe's largest gathering of stamping suppliers and it's open to the public. This all takes place in a town near Koln (Cologne) on the 9th and 10th of September ... check out the website for more details.

But besides wanting to remind the local gals reading that it's coming up ... I also wanted to let you know that tickets are available in advance. Now ... I don't know if you NEED them in advance, but I would hate for anyone to make the trip and not be able to get in ... so ... better safe than sorry maybe? If you have trouble navigating the site (there's no English option), let me know and I can help walk you through it. (And for anyone who's main address is an APO, you will need to use a German address.)

And in other news that my local readers may find helpful ... Kaufland has some great storage bins in their bargain aisle! I found small, pink-topped, multiple compartment plastic storage containers for 2?! They're the perfect size for small embellishment storage (eyelets, brads, stickers, etc.)! And since they have four individual compartments, it's a great way to keep them organized by type too! I love a storage bargain!

August 07, 2006

frosty penguins ...

Cute little penguin dudes, eh?

The penguins were stamped in black, then masked to stamp the small oval iceberg base! Those little feet are a real pill to cut around, but I really like the end result (and I always suggest saving those trickier masks - have mine pinned to a bulletin board). *smile*

Strasbourg was a lotta' fun last weekend ... of course, just like last year, it rained cats and dogs (I suppose I should say chats et chiens, eh?) *wink* I know, corny humor, I can't help it! Here's a shot of the cathedral illumination ...

There are more photos on my family website if anyone wants to see more. *smile* All images, cardstock, and Creative Candy by A Muse, Basic Black and Bordering Blue ink by Stampin Up.

August 04, 2006

eat something cute ...

Isn't that the cutest saying? I love it! I was walking through a shop recently and saw that phrase on a gift bag. The inspiration for this little card comes straight from that bag! *laugh*

Some of you have asked me where my ideas come from ... well, there you have it, sometimes they come from gift bags. *laugh* And the sentiment ... not a stamp! (Although I SO wish it was!) I printed it directly onto my cardstock! I ran a test print on a piece of regular old printer paper and then taped the cardstock down over where it had originally printed! I was a bit nervous, but it came out just fine! I'll be using that again when I can't find JUST the right phrase!

All cardstock, Creative Candy (the cherry on the cupcake), and images by A Muse. Ink, ribbon, and glitter (on cupcake) by Stampin Up. I also used a Sakura glue pen (for the glitter)!

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