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November 30, 2006

and the first one to post was ...

... Jennie! She was the first one to post the correct, albeit LONG, name of the painting!

Email me your snail mail address, Jennie, and I'll get your A Muse goodie bag out in the mail to you!

I was hard at work on Christmas cards again today. The longest bit (for me at least) is in the desigining ... so I had to take wee breaks to actually finish something small! Like this card! I've seen a lot different ideas along the same sort of theme ... but I think it's such a cute idea and wanted to put my own spin on it too! And sooo easy!

I cut Real Red cardstock to a square, cut a square of patterned paper for a quarter inch margin (Christmas Polka from KI Memories Holiday Collection), and added red ribbon. I used a paper piercer to make a hole through the ribbon and the paper and added a brad (green from Queen & Co.). I used the leaf stamp from SU's Boadacious Blossoms as a petal, stamped it in Real Red on Whisper White and embossed with Iridescent Ice! It's so sparkly and pretty! The little greeting is from a retired SU hostess set called "Cute Converse."

November 29, 2006

things that make me happy ...

I've been working on my Christmas cards the past couple of days and since they're super secret I'm not posting any pics yet. Ok ... so maybe saying "super secret" is a bit of a stretch, but hey I'm making a few of each design and want family and friends who peek in here to be surprised. Silly, but oh well! *laugh*

But I do have a few photos to share today! Since I've finally gotten my stamping space to a spot I'm pleased with, I thought I'd take a few photos. I've been wanting to do a little "things I love about home" kinda' mini album and this gave me incentive to get started. I went around my room taking pics of things that REALLY make me happy when I see 'em! Like my jar of ribbon scraps ...

And a quote on my pinboard my Mom sent me, tags my friend Emily made and gave to me, and an old photo of me taking photos out the window of our car on a drive through Kansas ...

Mugs from random Christmas markets that hold pens, scissors, and other doo dads. Happy times all ...

Primas stacked on books I bought for 1,00 Euro in Paris bookstalls. Some of the books have lovely old drawings of Paris inside: one day I'll do something with them. In the meantime, I'm happy just seeing them holding up my Primas ...

And this little gold stand you've seen holding up cards so many times and the cheesy photo of Mona inside it. But what I remember when I look at it is taking that photo of the actual Mona Lisa (the one and only time I've been there when they were allowing you to snap shots), coming home, printing it out, and putting it in that little gilded frame! SO yeah ... it IS the real Mona Lisa ... sorta'. *grin* Always makes me giggle ...

Spools of pretty ribbon ...

And more pinboard fun! A photo of me with long hair to remind me NEVER to cut it again! A photo of my good friend Shelly and I. (Shelly is to blame for my addiction to rubber stamping and paper arts. She introduced me to Stampin' Up some years ago and it's been all downhill since.) I never fail to remind her: "it's all your fault!" *laugh* And a watercolor in the middle from a guy who sits beside the Seine and paints the rooftops he sees. I look for him everytime we're there. I have half a dozen or small pieces of his artwork and I love it. It's quirky and pretty and he's a nice Italian man. More good memories ...

And speaking of the Louvre, here's where you learn something about me that may be new to some of you ... I love museums. Everything about them. Part of my educational background is in the fine arts, museum curation and acquisition (my other degrees, oddly enough are in geophysics). Yeah, I'm a real geek. And this photo cracks me up. It's another photo I took in the Louvre, this time it's a portion of painting I love ... the hats in the photos and the hats on the stamps, well, it cracks me up. This is a shelf I have a ton of A Muse stamps on along with a few photos of mine I've printed of some of my favorite artwork. The reasons I like this painting are sorta' strange, but mostly it's because of it's photographic qualities ... but I could bore you forever there so I'll just keep on movin' on ... *laugh* Hmmm ... and how about we do something fun here! How about, for those of you that stuck in there and made it to the bottom of this lengthy ol' post, I send a little A Muse goodie bag off to the first person who can tell me the name of this painting?! You guys can do it! I'll give you two hints ... this photo is only a portion of the painting AND not only is there one hanging in the Louvre, but there's a duplicate hanging at Versailles! Here's a third hint too ... the guy holding the crown is Napolean! Come on ... you know you wanna' play! *wink*

Gosh, these things make me happy ... tiny things throughout the room that always make me smile when I see 'em. I'm all giggly typing this up. *smile* What sorta' things in your home or stamping space make you smile?

And in the random news category ... my arms are sore from playing baseball against my husband on his new Wii. How sad is that? *laugh*

November 28, 2006

fun with brads ...

I spent the whole entire day in my studio today! Playing! No deadlines, no list of things I "must do" ... I got to do whatever I wanted!

And one of the things I wanted to do was play with a few techniques. Nothing new or "cutting edge" ... just things I'd yet to try: like embossing brads! And man was it fun! I started embossing them just to emboss them! *laugh*

If you haven't done it yet, you gotta' give it a try! This is how I did it ... and I loved the result! Get a pair of tongs to hold the brad with, dab it into embossing ink and then into the powder of your choice! I repeated this three times and loved the effect!

What techniques do you guys love that I should be trying?

And wow!!! Did you see that comment from Anne??? 600 cards!!! WOW! That's amazing!

November 27, 2006

ahhh ...

My studio is clean. Not just tidied up enough to work, but really clean and as organized as I can be (still need to fine tune a few embellishment organizing ideas). It feels sooo good!

I added a couple of new rods for ribbon storage because, like a lot of paper crafters, I'm addicted to the stuff! Dave hung an old printer's tray on the wall that I'm now storing individual stamps in (with lots of open room to add more ... hello, shopping!) And since new shelving was added to a nearby closet (the only closet in the house - I'm not kidding - German homes don't usually have 'em) I cleared out some non-stamping crafty things which gave me two additional bookcases of space. Not only that, but my work table is blissfully clear of all clutter. Ahhhh ...

Now if I could only figure out a good way to store my paper scraps I'd be set! Any thoughts?

I'll be spending tomorrow afternoon in my studio playing with a friend who wants to learn how to scrapbook. And I'm hoping to get my Christmas cards started! So hey ... leave me your address if you'd like to be added to the list! =)

What about you guys? Have you started your holiday cards? Are they done and out the door already? (If that's the case, I'm jealous! *smile*)

November 23, 2006

happy turkey day ...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 16, 2006

digging out ...

Yep .. .I've been digging myself out from under a 'to do' list! I'm finally on top of everything ... whew ... travelling will do that to ya'!

Today's card is a REALLY quick one! A few autumnal colors, a sentiment, some ribbon, and a brad ... and you are done! I cut out 1 inch strips in three different colors (more mustard, pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip from Stampin' Up) and stuck them onto a bark colored A Muse notecard. How easy is that? The sentiment was stamped in chocolate chip classic ink (also from Stampin Up). A little brown Queen and Co. brad through brown gingham ribbon and it's good to go!

November 14, 2006

home sweet home ...

I'm back from jolly ol'! Traveling is always good, but it's just as nice to be sleeping in my own bed again!

I love England ... especially the countryside. But while Oxfordshire is my favorite place to be, I did spend a couple of days in London this time around, photographing things like the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Dave and I also went in St. Paul's for the first time ... lovely place ... and saw "The Producer's" in the West End. Fun, fun, fun ... we laughed until we were crying!

And now the fun part ... editing the 1000 or so images from this trip! *grin* I'm not complaining though!

So while I don't have a card to share today, I'll leave you instead with a couple of my favorite photos from London. Both taken during a ride on the London Eye ...

Check back tomorrow for more stamping goodness!

November 06, 2006

off to jolly ol' ...

I'll be on the road again until next Sunday! See you on the other side!

November 02, 2006

happy fall ...

I've been telling my friend Emily that snow is right around the corner (actually, it was probably closer to taunting than simply sharing information *laugh*). And today I woke up to the first frost of the year. Yep, Emily ... snow. It's right around the corner. *wink*

With that in mind, I'm enjoying what's left of the fall color I can see out my studio windows ... and that's the inspiration for today's card. The leaves are dropping like flies, but there's still a bit of color hanging on out there. I'll be sad to see it go.

I stamped the tree (from A Muse) on white cardstock with Chocolate Chip ink from Stampin' Up. After cleaning the stamp (and stamping it a few times on scrap paper to make sure it wasn't still wet) I inked up a few random leaves with a chocolate chip marker and stamped them at the base of the tree. I did this a few times until it looked right to me and colored them in with Prismacolor pencils. The oval (also from A Muse) was stamped off once in Old Olive from Stampin Up. A tip: if you color the leaves before stamping the oval they retain their color! The last step was the tag ... I didn't have one in the size and color I wanted, so I stamped the sentiment (you guessed it, by A Muse) and cut my own!

This was the second generation of this design. The first, which took a bit longer to construct was ruined, by me, because I wasn't paying attention. *sigh* Don't you hate it when you do something dumb and ruin something you've been working on for a while? The entire surface of the tree was covered in red ink. Bah!

Back to stamping!

November 01, 2006

tis the season ...

Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday ... but as much as I looove Halloween I have to admit to looking forward to today for a while. Why? I've been itching to stamp holiday themed cards and projects again and I swore I wasn't gonna' REALLY get into it until Halloween was over!

My first round of holiday designs came earlier in the year for a*muse*palooza and design assignment deadlines which work a eseason or so ahead. And after that I'd had my fill of holiday stuff for a bit. But that's all passed and I'm sooo excited to be stamping holiday designs again!

Part of the excitement is my anticipation of the upcoming Christmas Market season! Dave and I were at dinner over the weekend (our 12th wedding anniversary) and we made a list of the local markets we want to get to AND some a bit further away we could hit on a weekend. We do this every year ... and I'm sooo excited about it. *hee hee*

And that leads me to the first "official" holiday blogging design of the season! I've been really into white cards with a simple stamped image and sentiment since I've come out of my funk. I'm not sure what it is, or how long it will last, but I'm sooo lovin' it right now. This little shopper is from A Muse (as is the sentiment). I stamped her with Black Staz-On (which I seem to get a better black from than with my beloved Stampin' Up Basic Black). I really wanted to keep the crisp white, red, and black feel that I had in mind and I wanted the colors to be bold. I colored in her dress and accents on presents with a Sakura Glaze pen in red. And on those cool black boots (I need a new pair of black boots like this) I colored over what had been stamped black with a black Sakura glaze pen. I'm really enjoying these pens right now. They're a new acquisition that I'm really putting through their paces. *smile*

I've had a "black ink dilemma" for ages: crisp, deep black color. I like SU for some things, but I mostly think I use it out of habit sometimes. And I do like Staz-On Black ... that's become my "go to" ink when I want a good black. But there has to be a perfect option, right? *laugh* Do you have a black ink you love? What do you love about it? I need to know! *wink*

And before I wrap things up for today ... there was a question in my blog yesterday about how to subscribe to my blog. Unfortunately, there's no way to subscribe at the moment. I don't use a blogging company like Typepad, this is all handwritten HTML ... so ... until I can figure that one out (or Dave can) there's no way to subscribe. But I'll see what I can work on! Sorry! I hope you keep checking back though! I mean, look! Two days in a row with an update! *wink*

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