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February 22, 2007

a*muse contest ...

Not only can you take a peek at the new (jumbo sized) clear polka dot letter stamps on Linda's blog, but she's running a contest where you can win an entire set (26 jumbo letters AND a large mounting block)!

That's a LOT of cool goodies! Be sure to check it out!

February 16, 2007

more scrappy stuff ...

This is the cover of one of the greatest transformations/re-workings to have ever taken place in my studio! *grin* Can you tell I'm proud of myself!? *wink*

This started life out as a weird little accordian album-type-thing I'd gotten in the mail in one of my Mom's infamous crafty care packages! Before it came out of it's package it looked like an accordian book tied with black organza ribbon. Totally cute. Instead it was ... weird. It pulled apart to reveal lots of twists and turns and folds and ... craziness. I had NO IDEA what the heck to do with it, much less what you were "supposed" to do with it. I put it with my small stack of albums and hadn't touched it since.

I'd been in the studio with my friend and her nearly-three year old a few times over the past month and it seemed each time Ella (the nearly-three year old) would go right for that Mickey thing (the red and black Mickey printed paper was it's orginal cover). I eventually picked it up to show Emily how weird it was when it dawned on me ... why haven't I just changed it!? Make it something I would use! Duh. Why hadn't I thought about that?

Maybe because the idea of changing it would have scared me when I got it? Fear of ruining it (despite the fact that I was never gonna' do anything with it in it's current state)? The next day I carefully ripped out the weird middle bits and replaced the inside of the cover! It was THAT easy and took only minutes! But now the cover needed something: I added the Mickey sticker and stamped the corner with a Paris postmark (from that cool Cavallilni set). I wanted to balance the postmark and added more postmark-esque cancellation marks to the bottom (all the while thinking that it was gonna' be the perfect home for some cool Disneyland Paris photos)! That's all it took! And in no time at all I had something I really, really love the look of!

And as silly as it may be ... I also love the barcode I stamped on the back cover! It's from the SU "Stamp of Authenticity" set that I'd forgotten I even owned (and am using all the time now)! Isn't that barcode the coolest?

So now what? After much thought about how to finish it, I THINK I'm gonna' punch three holes in the covers, cut black pages for the inside and "bind" it together with ribbon or rings. What do you think?

Have I mentioned how happy I am with the results!? *wink* And so happy I took something I didn't really like at all and turned it into something I love and can't wait to finish putting together! Mom had bought herself one too and also hadn't used it ... she's gonna' change hers too now! So fun!!! And all from things already in my stash! THAT is also very cool!

And in case you haven't heard ... the a*muse spring 2007 release is up in all it's brand-spanking-new glory over one the a*muse website!

February 13, 2007

happy valentine's day ...

I wanted to make a cute Valentine's Day candy holder for a cute little girlie we know ... et voila! My take on the coaster box!

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