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November 28, 2007

finally ...

The moving company called today ... the last of our household belongings will be delivered a week from today!  And while I'm not excited to have more boxes showing up just after getting the others out of the way (especially at Christmas time) ... I will be happy to have all of my stuff AND the rest of my craft room!  Whoo hoo!  Who knows, maybe I'll get to make Christmas cards this year afterall! 

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice!

November 04, 2007

in my crafty space ...

... that's right.  I'm typing to you, live, from my new crafty space!  *woot*

This was the first room we really dug into.  The movers were here early last week unpacking the truck containing the first shipment.  I didn't think much of my crafty stuff was going to be in this shipment.  (In case you missed that bit: 50+ boxes were left out of our household container because of space.  We're already talking a semi-truck size container here, but the movers on the German side opted not to take 20 or so bookcases apart and ended up running out of room.  They packed the craft room last, saying it "wasn't neccessary"!  Not neccessary!  Bah!  That shipment should be here in a couple of weeks!)  So ...  imagine my surprise when boxes came off the truck saying "hobby room!"   Here's what I have so far ...

the table
lots of embellishments
my a*muse embellishment box: twinkle stickers, ribbon, and creative candy stuffs
lots of chipboard
half my SU cardstock
three or four punches
some patterned paper

And while I'm thrilled to bits with what I have unpacked ... I want my stamps!  *laugh*  And from the stuff that is here it seems that what made it into this first shipment were the things on top of the bookcases that went around the room.  But it's a start, folks!  And I do have a half dozen or so more boxes to unpack today!  Fingers crossed I see some stamps!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  It's been a long, crafty dryspell!

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