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December 31, 2007

getting back to crafty ...

It's an awful mess, isn't it? (Less-than-super-duper photo courtesy of my shiny new iPhone. Sorry, it's the photographer in me that has to qualify why a photo looks not-so-good.  Still, it's not too bad to have come from a phone. *laugh*)

anyway ... 

This was my craft room, specifically my tabletop, yesterday.  And ... many days before that.  Let me tell ya' ... it was a major accomplishment to even GET to this side of the table!  So many  boxes!  Every time I walked in the room it overwhelmed me.  So much stuff and such a mess.  I've always been the hyper-organized sort and this was just ... too much for me.  I'd walk in, look at everything, get antsy, and walk back out.  Not so good.

Not doing crafty stuff hasn't been fun.  It's been months since I've really gotten my teeth into anything or taught a class.  My stuff was in transit for so long: No design team assignments,  no handmade Christmas cards, no fancy little tags, nothing.  I really thought that I'd be able to get right to it once it was all here. I don't know why I thought it would be so easy. I guess I thought I'd start unpacking boxes and cute, furry creatures from the forest would cheerily make everything beautiful.  Hah!  When I started unpacking, I was less and less enamoured with my space. 

It's a cute room, but my storage (bought speifically to go into a room in my last home) wasn't working well.  The more I unpacked the more cluttered and wonky it felt.  Just didn't feel right at all.  It got to the point you can kinda' see in the photo and I had no idea what to do next.  I'm uber organized, but get overwhelmed by any sort of clutter and sorta' shut down and avoid.  Which is what I'd been doing.  But it had to stop.  And with the holiday craziness over (and D home for a few days) he offered to help me get it sorted. 

We made major progress.  MAJOR.  Nearly all the boxes are unpacked and we cleared the boxes that didn't belong in there out.  (Of course, they're now cluttering my office space, but that's a project for another day and I'm not gonna' dwell on it yet.)  I can actually WALK around the table without squeezing past boxes!  And ... I can see the tabletop! 

Hopefully I'll have an "after" photo soon!

December 27, 2007

christmas re-cap ...

I hope you all had a happy, happy Christmas! 

Christmas Eve was always a big deal in my house: a really fun night, twinkling lights, family, and lots of food.  It's a tradition that D and I have continued ...

Being far away from our families in Germany, we always had a small gathering of friends (who were also far from family) over on Christmas Eve for food and merry making.  But it dawned on us pretty quick that, being back in the States, MOST of the people we know wouldn't be going out to get-togethers on Christmas Eve if it's not with family.  (We're still on the opposite side of the country from family ... so not THAT much difference from Germany for us all said and done.)  My friend Emily says we're "orphans" and need to find more "orphans" to invite to our get togethers.  We both like to entertain and are sorely missing the hosting we got to do in Germany (and we really haven't met that many people since coming back).

Oh yeah, Emily and her family (hubby, John and daughter, Ella) lived in Germany too ... they moved here only a month after we did.  A very fortunate event that meant that the tradition of Christmas Eve at our house and Christmas Day at theirs continues (just with a few less people).  =)

And while we don't usually drag out the martini glasses on Christmas Eve, I HAD to use these newly acquired candy cane picks!  I wish you could see them better in the photo because ... really ... they're too stinkin' cute.


The guys REALLY enjoyed the pink drinks! *laugh*

And while it wasn't as big a gathering, it was a nice, quiet night with good friends, good food, and a pretty pink cocktail or two!  Not bad at all.  =)

Christmas Day was great.  I feel positively spoiled.  We had a lazy morning, complete with yummy breakfast, before heading over to Emily and John's in the late afternoon.  More pressies, more hanging out, and dinner.  And a bit of Rock Band playing.  Which, oh my goodness, have you guys played that?  It's addicting.  I *heart* playing the bass.  Love it.  I'm such a dork.

Today we hit a couple of shops to check out the sales.  Good deals on the Martha stuff at Michael's and crazy good deals at Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Williams Sonoma.  (Love those shops!)  Even popped into Target for a quick look (and actually made it out without spending over $100!!!  Something I think is virtually impossible to do!)  No too much left there since we went at night, but still picked up some storage stuff for a good price.

And to top off the holiday merriment ... Dave is home until after the New Year! 

December 25, 2007

happy christmas!

Happy Christmas, everyone! 

December 16, 2007

ugh ...

So ... last night, after a super-great day doing Christmas-time things with good friends, we came home to a dark house and went straight upstairs to bed.

When D and I came downstairs this morning we realized that someone had broken in to our house.  We initially thought it had happened sometime before we got home last night, but later discovered my purse had been gone through and items taken from it.  Which means they broke in after we were home and while we were IN the house. 

Ugh.  So scary.

Police came.  Took photos, filed a report, did the whole "police" thing.

Yes, things were stolen.  Yes, it sucks.  I'm angry about it, I'm a bit scared in the house right now, but it could have been SO much worse. 

Now back to enjoying the season ...

December 15, 2007

blossoms of light ...

L to R: Emily, Me, Dave, John, and Ella

A fun Saturday night at the Denver Botanic Gardens!  Sooo cold, but lots of fun!    

December 12, 2007

checking in ...

Thought I'd change the ol' blog up to reflect the snowy, Christmas-y mood I've been in!  It's been snowing here for days and aside from being a worry wart about Dave driving to work in it, it's been great!  I have my doubts that it will stick around for Christmas, but it could always snow more.   I mean, this is Colorado, right? 

I'm up to my ears in boxes and am pretty darn sick of it. *laugh*  I mean, really, the last thing anyone wants to be doing during the holidays is unpacking.  At least it's not at the top of MY list.  Happily, most of the house is unpacked and looks like a house, but my craft room is a grade-A mess.  I've been working on it pretty much nonstop, but every once in a while I give up and have to go do something else.  Like ... watch the last 20 minutes of Elizabethtown over and over (love the map and the music on the roadtrip home ... sooo good).  Which is what I did this afternoon when the room got the better of me.  I'll head back in there soon.

Christmas decorations are also up.  This is happy. 

I've photos to share soon too ... and crafty goodness!

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