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14 posts from June 2008

June 27, 2008

share your spark fridays ...

Happy Friday, all!  And welcome to another installment of share your spark fridays!

Before I get to this week's spark, I want to thank everyone who shared their spark last week by making a card using only a sentiment!


Be sure to check out the links and leave 'em a little blog love!  *smile*


Now on to this week's spark!  This time of year I get really excited about summer and July's patriotic holiday fun.  So this week's spark is to ...

Create something using a red, white, and blue color palette!

It could be 4th of July, summer ... anything redwhite, and blue!

The starry background I used here is one of my all-time favorite A Muse stamps.  I use it for tons of different occassions and with lots of different stamps!

As you can see a little better here, Lady Liberty is cut out and slightly overlaps the night sky.   The larger stars also have a wee bit of glitter (added with a glue pen).  The final touch is a bit of bling on her torch!

Now it's your turn!  I'm looking forward to seeing your red, white, and blue masterpieces!  And don't forget to share your spark by leaving a comment on this post with a link to your creations!  Happy Stamping!


a*muse stamps used ...
lady liberty
starry night
"thank you" ma

paper ...
a*muse swiss red notecard
a*muse white cardstock
a scrap of black from my stash

embellishment ...
a*muse creative candy twinkle sticker

ink ...
real black versacraft pigment ink
paris dusk memento dye ink

June 26, 2008

life is good ...

This is one of my all-time favorite card creations!  I really like the look of the lime green and blue together!  And the sparkly waves!  It was also a recent A Muse card of the week (from the A Muse newsletter).


June 24, 2008

just because ...

Back to crafty goodness today!   Today I'm stamping AND cleaning my crafty space!  Jinkies ... what a job that's gonna' be.  *laugh*

After the coloring the water blue, I added shimmer with a Quickie Glue Pen and glitter!


a*muse stamps used ...
tiny bird
just because

paper ...
a*muse bluebird notecard
a*muse white cardstock
black scrap from stash

embellishment ...
a*muse black stitched grosgrain
super fine glitter

copic original markers used ...
b34 manganese blue
w2 warm grey number 2
y13 lemon yellow

June 23, 2008

photos from europe - part two ...

I think this is some kind of record: 14 days worth of photos edited in three days.  Whoo hoo!  I've added the rest of the photos to the photos of europe album on the right.  If you looked through them after yesterday's post, click here to pick up where yesterday's left off

Our last day in Italy was spent on islands in the Venetian lagoon.  On Murano we saw cool glass sculptures and a million and one shops selling jewelry made from glass beads the island is known for.  Then onto Burano, all by boat, where we walked the entire island photographing the colorful houses.  

The next day we drove from Venice to to Colmar, France where we were booked into one of the "most romantic hotels in France."  (Thanks, Dave!)  *laugh*  It's also where we got a severe case of the giggles and feared explusion from the tiny, quiet hamlet. 

Our trip comes to a close with a few hours in Strasbourg, France.  We ate, visited the HUGE cathedral in  this photo, and shopped for chocolate and lemon candies.

And that's all folks!  I hope you've enjoyed the photos!   

June 22, 2008

photos from europe - part one ...

Have I mentioned how happy I am to be home? 

Europe is a wonderful, amazing place - and I miss living there more than I can probably express, but even though it still FEELS like home, it isn't.  And despite the fun Michelle and I had, the cool things we saw, and the opportunity to get back to shooting in Europe again ... getting home to Dave and the kitty is pretty spectacular.  *smile*

But I've been excited to share photos from the trip with you too! 

We spent a VERY long day near my old digs in Germany.  Saw a small castle ruin, ran errands in some local shops, and ate in one of my favorite restaurants.  And then we crashed.  Hard. 

We had a great time in Paris (and discovered that we're apparently VERY appealing to little old French men).  We saw D Day Celebrations under the Arc de Triomphe, had dinner on the Champs d'Elysees (that we barely touched because we were so tired), shopped for cookware in Les Halles, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, wandered the Latin Quarter, had a picnic lunch under the Eiffel Tower, and sat for hours near Les Invalides eating cheese and bread and people watching. 

The drive from the French Alps into Italy and on to Rome was nothing short of spectacular in the scenery department (when we weren't in a tunnel).  We had a super breakfast stop in a little Alpine town and then were on to Italy ...

... where we drove along beautiful coastlines!  Even saw the leaning tower of Pisa before the day ended.

Rome was a little tough to wrap my brain around.  I mean ... we went to the Vatican, sat in the Sistine Chapel,  walked through Roman ruins, and spent an hour or so in the Colosseum.  It's almost too much to to comprehend.  The history  The art.  Amazing.  Navigating the city is another thing altogether.  It's a nightmare.  And it nearly got the best of us.  *laugh*

And then ... Venice.  Such a weird, wonderful place.  We had an adorable apartment with a door onto the Grand Canal where we sat and waved to boats.  It rained and we walked in it.  Consumed large amounts of gelato and diavolo pizza (spicy pepperoni).  Met a group of twenty-somethings who told us we were cool for old people. Michelle let flying rats crawl on her in St. Mark's Square.  We bought sweatshirts because it was cold.  And ate at Harry's Bar.

And this is where part one ends ...

Two weeks provides for a LOT of photos!  There were so many I wanted to share that I've set up a little album over there on the right - photos from europe.  It includes photos through our first night in Venice right now.  I'll post part two in the next day or two (more photos from Italy and France).

Hope you enjoy!

June 20, 2008

share your spark fridays ...

Hello again!  Share your spark fridays took an unexpected hiatus while I was away (the posts I'd scheduled before leaving didn't go off as planned).  I know I'm not the only one about to pull their hair out over Typepad's ongoing issues, so let's get on with the fun stuff!

Before I get to this week's spark, I want to thank everyone who shared their spark for the last challenge by creating cards with a circular element!

Lee Anne

Be sure to check out their designs!  Lots of fun stuff!


Now on to this week's spark!  Which is ...

Design a card where the only stamping done is a sentiment!

Here's what I came up with ...

Easy peasy!  Now it's your turn!  I can't wait to see what you create this week!  Don't forget to share your spark by leaving a comment on this post with a link to your creations!


a*muse stamps used ...
"a little note" from stitched garden set

paper ...
a*muse orange crush notecard
a*muse pink kitchen collection notecard (scrap)
a*muse papaya notecard (scrap)

embellishments ...
a*muse lime peel grosgrain stitched ribbon

ink ...
real black versacraft pigment ink

June 19, 2008

a*muse clue ...

Clue card - seattle girl

Have you been playing a*muse clue over on the a*muse*a*palooza blog this week?  If so, here's another clue: Seattle girl is NOT one of the stamps used on our mystery card!

home sweet home ...

Taken in the French Alps on 9 June ...

Home sweet home ... and SO glad to be.  Had crazy delays back into Denver last night and got home MUCH later than expected.  But in the end I was just happy I'd MADE it home!

Had a lot of fun, went a LOT of places, and accomplished the working side of the trip too (despite rainy weather in Venice on the mornings I needed to shoot there). Took tons of fun vacation photos too!  Between Michelle and I, we easily took numbers in the thousands!

I'm pretty well exhausted today, but will share photos and stories tomorrow!


Seems Typepad is having some growing pains that caused all those blog issues while I was gone.  A few posts I'd scheduled also were eaten in all of it.  I'm home and monitoring the ol' blog here again, so all will be getting back to normal around here: including share your spark fridays!

June 16, 2008

nearing the end ...

Taken in Venice last Saturday night ...

We left Venice this morning and are back in France tonight.  One more full day and then we're on our way home.  We're both pretty tired, but had a lot of laughs.  I think Europe is likely ready to get rid of us.  Which is ok, a night in our own beds is looking pretty good!  *laugh*

We've had no internet access most days, sorry for being MIA, but will have lots to share when we're home.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the fun over on the a*muse*a*palooza blog!  There's a fun game of "A Muse Clue" going on this week (among other things)!  Be sure to check it out!


A note about blog issues ...
While I've been in an internet black hole, Typepad began experiencing issues with their "share this" widget (which many of us have).  It randomly causes internet explorer to crash.  This is a Typepad issue and not something being caused by MY blog in particular.  I've removed the "share this" option from my comment section, so there should no longer be any issues!  Sorry for any inconvenience!

June 09, 2008

we're still alive ...


We left Paris this morning ... and are in Geneva tonight.

Internet access has been virtually non-existent until tonight.  Aside from that, all is well! 

We're on the road again in the morning and will end in Rome tomorrow night!  Will share photos as I'm able!    

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