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September 30, 2008

trick or treat ...

Can you believe today is the last day of September!?  I don't know where this year is going - it's flying by too fast.  BUT ... that means tomorrow is day one of my favorite month of the year - October!  And while fall in Colorado isn't exactly my ideal fall (no bright colors, very few pumpkin patches, etc.) I still manage to hunt out what I can!  And ... make a lot of fall-themed crafty things!  Like this treat box ...

The box goes together SO fast, especially if you have a Scor-Pal. 

(An aside ... I never woulda' guessed how much I would use a Scor-Pal when I first saw it.  I passed it by time and time again because a.) it was a pricey item and 2.) I thought it was kinda' silly.  *laugh*  My Mom had one and after I used hers ... I was smitten.  I use mine ALL the time now.  It's one of my must-have tools.)


Once the base of the box was put together, I added the cuff of black polka dots around the top.  I did this after it was together to make sure I had the pieces places in the right spots.  (If you didn't want to cut the cuff into four seperate pieces, you could leave it as one and score it at the same dimensions as the box corners.)  Once that was done I attached the handle with silver brads, wrapped the ribbon around (stuck the ribbon in place with glue dots), and added my stamped and cut-out images (also added with glue dots.

Julie shared the box (and the downloadable template) on the A Muse News blog yesterday.  So check that out if you'd like to download the pattern!


a*muse stamps used ...
missy's halloween set
rectangle frames set

paper ...
a*muse 8.5x11 vintage black cardstock
a*muse kitchen black 4 bar notecard

ink ...
memento tuxedo black

embellishment ...
a*muse black grosgrain stitched ribbon
silver brads (2 used to attach handle)

copic orginal markers used ...
e21, e37, n4, r20, rv32

other ...
provo craft tacky tape (holds things like boxes together so well)


September 28, 2008

october daily ...

A few days ago I posted about a mini album I was working on - an October "Daily" album (based on an Ali Edward's idea).  With October just a few days away (how did THAT happen?!), I finished it up today!  (It always feels so good to finish something!)  

The book has 31 pages, all different sizes - one for each day of the month. 

Nothing fancy - mostly clear pages and envelopes from my stash.   I did a lot of cutting to make the clear overlays stretch as far as they could.

The page numbers came from different packs of alphabet stickers (the printed numbers on circles came from an Etsy shop called Every Jot and Title.)



The last pages!

The book is a real mish mash of paper sizes ... 

I'm really curious how it will turn out in the end!  I've never made a book like this before and letting go of a bit of control over what the final book will look like was a little tough for me (since the pages are already set) - but here goes nothing!

And ... I know a couple of you are playing along.  If you'll leave me links when you post your pages, I'll add 'em to my posts so we can all keep track of one another's progress!

Even if you didn't feel like you could make a book in advance, but wanna' play along each day as we go - please do!  The more the merrier! 

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

September 27, 2008

share your spark fridays ...

Wow ... can you say "feel like you're banging your head against a wall?"  That was me and Typepad yesterday.  *laugh*  All appears to be well today and I'm sorry for the delay!  So let's get on to the sparks!

Last week's spark was to create something with the effect of aged paper.  I don't think you guys liked this one too much.  *laugh*  However, I still have some great ideas and inspiration to share with you!  A big "thank you" to everyone who got a little messy last week!  *wink*

Lee Anne

Be sure to check out the clever things these gals made!


This week's spark is something fun and simple with a LOT of possibility ... 

Make something using polka dots!

Any way you can dream up to use dots - go for it!  You could use patterned paper, lots of gems, embossing, stamping ... so many ways to make a card with dots!  Here's what I did ...


So simple!  Just a touch of patterned paper, a bit of ribbon, and a wee bit of shadow around the ghost (which is tough to see - but done with a Copic BG10 - my favorite for adding shadow to white)!

Now it's your turn!  I'm looking forward to seeing how you guys interpret "polka dots!"  And don't forget to share your spark by leaving a comment on this post with a link to what you make!



stamps used ...
hero arts owl-oween set

paper ...
a*muse 8.5x11 kitchen orange cardstock (polka dot strip)
doodlebug design inc. beetle black paper frills (black scallop)
stampin' up whisper white cardstock

embellishment ...
a*muse black grosgrain stitch ribbon

September 26, 2008

technical difficulties ...

Hey folks ... sorry for the delay in getting share your spark fridays posted - I'm having issues with the photo uploader!

Will keep an eye out and get things up as soon as I can! 

ETA: Well, folks looks like it will be tomorrow when the spark posts!  I have a ticket in with Typepad and will hopefully have the no-photo issue solved soon!  Sorry for the delay!!!


September 25, 2008

sharing a few photos ...

Before I started feeling really crummy last weekend, Dave and I went to the local Chile & Frijoles Fest in Pueblo, Colorado.  It celebrates the harvest of locally grown chiles AND one chile only grown in Pueblo - the originally named Pueblo Chile.  *laugh*


You're lookin' at the number one reason D and I go ... roasted chile peppers!  As you walk closer to the main street (which is closed to traffic for the weekend of the fest), you smell them in the air, and by the end of the day you're picking black flecks of roasted chile out of your hair.  *laugh*  There's a whole street of farms, lined up one after another, roasting their harvest for folks buyin' 'em by the bushel.

Roasted chiles - right outta' the roaster ...

And what chiles aren't being roasted are being hung to dry ... or ... eaten.  Like any good food related fest, there's all types of chile-food.  The "chile-wrap" seems to be the most popular (cheese and a whole chile wrapped in a tortilla), there are all types of stuff - even chiles on hot dogs.  (Our favorite is the local pizza joint that serves 'em on their pies - so yummy!)

And then there's entertainment ...  2008.09.20.020 




Colorado is such a change for us ... different types of fests, celebrating different foods and cultures.  I always enjoy that.  And ... it's a fest centered around chiles - which I love - so how bad could that be?!  *wink*

I'll see you tomorrow (Friday) for share your spark fridays!  


September 24, 2008

october daily

Thank you guys so much for the nice comments yesterday about Mom's shop!   I'll be sure to take pics when I visit in October!



You guys know I'm a big fan of Ali Edward's.  Well, last December she posted a mini book project on her blog she called a "December Daily" album. The basic idea - she built the album ahead of time, with a page for each day of the month, until Christmas.  Then in December, she added a little something about each day (and a photo). 

I loved the idea and have been planning to give it a go since.  Only ... for October.  *grin*  (And that first photo is the stack of things I pulled from my stash to use for it!)

And now that I'm feeling a little better, I finally got started on it (you can see it here in this photo)!  It's 8x8, with mostly clear "pages" - all different sizes - and a few envelopes.  I'm about a third of the way done and will add numbers to each page for days of the month.

So what do you think?  Sound like fun?  The plan is to finish it in the next few days and share my progress with you through October!  

But then I thought ... wouldn't it be cool if other folks were doing one too and we all shared them through October?  I figure it's a long shot, but I think it would be fun!  What do you think?  Want to play along?  *laugh*

I'll post a shot of my progress on the book in the next couple of days!


September 22, 2008

fun news to share ...

I can hardly believe I'm posting Christmas things when I'm SO excited about Halloween!  But ... I have a really good reason:  I designed this Advent countdown calendar for a class at ... my Mom's new shop: One Little Spark!

How cool is that?   I can't wait to see it!  (Ive only seen the shop in pictures so far!)

And ... if you're in the area, I'll be traveling to Tuckerton, NJ to teach my favorite kinda' class - A Muse Halloween - during the grand opening week!

Frightful & Delightful A Muse Halloween Cards
October 22nd 11:00AM -1:00PM or 6:00PM - 8:00PM


September 19, 2008

share your spark fridays ...

Happy Friday one and all!  And welcome to the International Talk Like a Pirate Day edition of share your spark fridays!  I'm gettin' a bit of a late start today, but better late than never, so let's get this show on the road!  *laugh*

I want to thank everyone who shared their spark last week by creating something other than a card!  It was a bit of a tough one, I'll admit, but you guys made some really fun, clever things!  Let's take another look ...


Be sure to drop by their blogs as you have time!


Today is a holiday!  Well, sorta'.  *laugh*  Dave and our friend John embraced Talk Like a Pirate Day back in Germany (you may remember this post if you've been around the ol' blog for a while), and it's sorta' become a staple.  Although ... we haven't had a pirate party since the one in that blog post.  Nevertheless, today's spark has a wee bit o' piratical theming ...

Make something with the effect of aged paper!

How fun is this gonna' be!?

Here's what I did ...

There are a few different ways to achieve this effect (although, buying paper that looks old is sorta' cheating.  Figured I better put that out there before my Mom, who usually plays along, does that!  *laugh*)  

I started with ivory cardstock, crumpled it, and inked it with a sponge (adding a little extra around the edges and in the creases made by crumpling), but you can can use anything you like!  (Remember using lemon juice to write secret notes?  You could use it to age paper too!)

Now it's your turn!  I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys do with this one!  And don't forget to share your spark by leaving a comment on this post with a link to what you make!

I'll be back soon with another sneak peek!



a*muse stamps used ...

paper ...
a*muse ivory cardstock
stampin up chocolate chip

ink ...
ranger vintage photo distress ink

other ...
brown fine-tip sharpie to draw dashes and write sentiment

September 18, 2008

sneak peek ...

Some of you may have seen this card yesterday on the A Muse News blog!  It's a sneak peek of the new Trees 2 set!  

I haveta' tell you ... I hadn't intended to share this one with you today, but I spent most of Wednesday in bed and asleep.  Which meant I didn't photograph the rest of the cards I have to share - bad me!   I've caught a weird end-of-the-summer cold and it kicked my rear yesterday. *laugh*  

Hope you guys are enjoying the sneaks!  I think you're really gonna' like these new sets!


September 17, 2008

sneak peek ...

I told ya' I was gonna' have something fun for you today - a sneak peek from A Muse! 

This tree is one of MANY images included in two new clear sets: Trees 1 and Trees 2

The last time the A Muse crew sneak'd images, Julie made a card that I LOVED and have had in my head since.  My sneak today was inspired by that card!  I loved the repeat of the trees in Julie's card and the handmade horizon line.  I tried to achieve the same thing on my card with glitter. (Have I mentioned how much I love my Sakura quickie glue pen lately?) 

And speaking of pens ... made the snow with one too: a white gel pen!

It's really a fun set to play with!  Aside from my beloved Halloween images (which I do use all year), I love stamps that can be used all year long for many different occassions - and these sets work for SO many things!  So many uses!

Trees 1 & 2 will be poppin' up in your LSS any time now and will be available on the A Muse website September 22nd!

Make sure you check in on the A Muse News Blog and other A Muse blogs for more sneaks!

Happy Wednesday!

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