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January 19, 2010

life is like a song ...

I have been drooling over this new punch (Birds on Wire from Martha) for months now and have had a jumble of ideas knocking around in my head for it - just had to wait for it to finally hit stores near me so I could play! 

And that idea was totallly inspired by this ...
Wsp image
You see, I have this bad habit of picking up records because I like the cover art.  Sometimes it means I find a new-to-me band I really like.  Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those times ... but hey, I still like the cover!  *laugh*  (And Dave liked the band.  So it all worked out.)  


January 16, 2010

playing dress-up ...

In continued effort to stay on top of my to-do list this year, I'm busting through the rest of the Valentine's projects ...

Another little treat container ... added scraps of some adorable "x & o" paper from Martha and a pink glittery heart to jazz it up a little.

I don't know if you guys do this too, but I like to check out the $1 bins at Target to see what's cute and what I can dress up a little with some paper crafty goodness.  The tiny pail was already pretty cute, but I think a homemade tag and some pretty ribbon makes it even better!

This sucker was another $1 find.  I took it out of it's package (it's still wrapped inside), added another one of those little heart doo-dads to it and some ribbon!  Something about lollipops ... they're just so stinkin' cute.

I THINK this is the last of the Valentine goodie boxes on my list to make.  Now to work on the cards!  *grin*


January 12, 2010

random things ...

More felt and the best thing I discovered in December: Rolo pretzels.  (Rolo candies melted on top of mini pretzels.  Addicting.  Delicious.  And this time with chopped-up peanut M&M's to make 'em look all Valentine-y!) 

They're easy peasy (and if you're on my Facebook feed, I'm sure you're good and sick of hearing about 'em by now)!  *laugh*  But trust me ... oh-so-good!

Unwrap the Rolos, put 'em on a pretzel.  Pop 'em in a 300ยบ oven and bake for 3 short minutes.  Then squish!  You could use a whole nut of any kind, a whole M&M, or anything you like to squish into 'em.  Me, I like to squish and sprinkle bits of chopped nuts or M&M's on 'em. 

Onto the random bits ... 

Some folks have asked about the felt doo-dads I've been making.  They're die cut, mostly with Nestabilities and a Big Shot. 

Same with hair clips I posted a few days back.  I made those the same way, added a bit of cardstock for stability between layers and glued 'em in place!

And yes, I'm considering an Etsy shop.  *lol*


January 11, 2010

more felt goodness ...

Remember all that felt I cut a few days ago!  It's finally making it's way onto paper! 

I've been inspired by a lot of different blogs and people to play with felt these days ...

And have been enjoying the heck out of it!   I've always got a list of things I WANT to make or try or do floating around.  But when I sat back and thought about the list and what I'd actually accomplished from it in 2009, most of the creative stuff got pushed aside to make room for other things.  Important things.  Things that needed to get done.  But I pretty much let it take over.  So ... this year I'm making a point to MAKE time to do those things on my list.  Like playing with felt. 

So far, so good. 

I'm still treading water.  I'm still crazy busy.  But I'm making that time happen.  So far.  And it's not as hard to do as I thought it would be.  *whew*

I carved out about 30 minutes today.  Doesn't seem like much, but I've been surprsied at what I can do.  So here's a little peek at my work table today.  Putting all that felt to use!   (And I think the font on the new A Muse Valentine sentiment is such a good match with this look - whatever this "look" is.  *laugh*)  


January 09, 2010

up to my eyeballs ...

... in felt.  (Don't look Emily.) *wink*

I made Valentine hair barettes!  

Now, go easy on me here folks.  This little foray into felt is new to me.  I'm learning.  Experimenting.  But boy do I think they look cute in person.  (And if they hold up together once they get to Ella, I'll be all that much happier!)

There's more felt goodness to come!


January 08, 2010

january clean-up ...

This is what happens when you finally throw your hands in the air, say "to heck with it, I have to do this" and dump out the suitcase full of stamps and ribbon and whatever-else you taught with back in *mumble* October *mumble* onto the floor to sort it all out.  

But I did it.  
Now I can make more stuff!  (I have some more Valentine stuff on my table right this minute calling my name!)

Did the January clean & organize bug hit you too?


January 06, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like ...

... Valentine's Day!

It happens to me every year.  The end of December hits and all I can think about is red and pink.  I want to slap it on everything in sight, wear it, eat it ... I don't care.  Just bring on the red and pink!  But as much as I love it, I have very little (none) in the way of actual decorations for Valentine's Day.  So I'm making some ...

It began in earnest last weekend with birds that NEEDED to be glittered.  When I told peeps I was gonna' do this, they were skeptical.  I'd seen it done online to varying degrees of success, but I was in.  Committed.  Soooo doing it!  And I did.  And I like 'em!

But then I wasn't quite sure what to actually DO with them.  I'm not even sure they're entirely done as it stands.  There may be more to do to them, but now they're happily hanging out on the family room mantle on a branch the tree in the front yard will never miss. 

Now to find a home for these!  Anyone else making their own decorations this year?  Come on.  You know you wanna'!  *wink*


January 04, 2010

valentine treats ...

Today, the last day of the Sea of Love amuse-bouche (what we call our sneak peeks at A Muse), is all about treats!

These wrappers are a cinch to make - and so quick!  A strip of paper wrapped around and adhered on the bottom, a bit of ribbon, a wee bit of stamping and you are done!  How nice is that?  To give you a point of reference, these are big, marshmallow candies, about 2" long and the strip of paper was cut to 1.5 inches!  The heart is A Muse's Tiny Heart, punched with a 3/4" circle punch!

Next up is a little treat you've been seeing in the background of my photos all week.  This is an easy peasy way to pass a few little treats onto someone special!  I've seen a few variations of this online, but here's what I did:

  • punched two scalloped circles with the Marvy Giga scallop punch (the purple one) and folded 'em in half.
  • Cut a piece of cardstock roughly the same size of the candy you're using by 3" (just line 'em up and measure their width). 
  • Line the cardstock up in the fold of one circle and adhere half the circle to the bottom of cardstock.
  • Repeat on the other side (your circles will overlap on the bottom of the cardstock).
  • Punch a hole in each of the cirlces in the middle and tie it up!

TIP: add a little bit of adhesive to the bottoms of the candy you pick to hold it in place.  *smile* 

After I made that one I started thinking there had to be other things to do with punched circles.  Check this out!

More love for the purple Marvy circle punch.  I punched 4 circles.  Folded 'em just like I did above.  But instead of adhering two together with a piece of cardstock, I stuck four together and they form their very own bottom!  They still wouldn't stand up on their own, so I punched a total of 8 holes (two on each circle) and tied 'em together!  Easy peasy!  Plopped in some gumballs, added a cute tag with the new Jellyfish on it (I love, love, love the Jellyfish - our very own Julie drew that ya' know?!) and it was pretty much done. 

Here's a closer look at the sides all tied up.  And you'll see that I added another punched circle behind the plain one for a bit of decoration. I used the purple Marvy scalloped circle for that one, punched out two, cut them in half and stuck 'em on!  =)

One last little touch you can't see is that I did put a piece of colored cardstock down inside (roughly 3x3).  Not because it was needed for structure, just to cover up the overlapping circles and be a pretty little base once the candy is out.
Now, you'll notice most of this is all pink and red and girlie.  Need boy treats and you don't want to use red? 

Do the same darn thing in blue!

You could even make ATC-sized homemade Valentines to go with it!  That Jellyfish is just as cute outlined in a soft blue as it is in pink! (That's BG10 - one of my go-to Copics!  And it matches our Robin's Egg Blue Cardstock perfectly!)  


That was a massive post, eh?!  *laugh*  Anyhoo ... hope you enjoyed the treats and found some inspiration for your Valentine projects!  Be sure to check out the A Muse blog today too - it's all about treats over there too!   Sea of Love is available in stores now and online at the A Muse website tomorrow (January 6th)!


January 03, 2010

amuse-bouche ...

Another first look at A Muse's new Sea of Love release today ...

The past few days you've had a peek at the fun and whimsical side of A Muse's new release.  And don't get me wrong, you could make the new Coral image work in fun and whimsical ways too (see below), but it's so nice to have images that you can use in elegant, more sophisticated ways too.  I'm completely smitten with the new Coral stamp.  It's one of those stamps you get, and then once you start using, realize HOW many different ways you'll actually be able to put it to use!  I LOVE that.  I foresee this showing up in lots and lots of ways (Can you say Halloween people?)!  *wink*

Stamped in green and used with the clams, it goes from sophisticated to cute.  Just like that.  Love it.  It's kinda' tough to see in the photo, but if you look closely at the clams, you'll see just a hint of color.  That's a couple of those new, uber light-colored Copics.  Watch my class schedule.  I'll be updating it with my next round of classes in NJ soon and one of them centers around these shading colors!  

Tomorrow's the last day of amuse-bouche (what we call our sneak peeks) and it's a real treat!  *wink, wink.  nudge, nudge.*



a*muse stamps used ...
true blue friend*
happy as clams*

paper used ...
a*muse navy cardstock*
a*muse sky blue cardstock*
a*muse blue petite gingham cardstock
a*muse natural white cardstock

ink used ...
tsukineko brilliance graphite black
colorbox lipstick red fluid chalk ink (thanks for the tip, j!)

embellishment used ...
a*muse cranberry pretty pearls
a*muse clear twinkle stickers

copics used ...
B0000 & YR0000 (on clams)

other tools used ...
stampin' up scallop border punch

*part of the Sea of Love release - available in stores now and online 6 Januaury.

amuse-bouche ...

Another first look at new goodies from A Muse's next release: Sea of Love ...

I like coloring this crab.  Red, blue, teal ... doesn't matter.  He's a fun little guy to color.  I pick two Copics - a light and a dark - color with the light and draw a line with the dark!  No blending.  Nothing.  Done.  Easy peasy.  What is a bit hard to see is the wee bit of glitter.  A nice touch in person.

And check out the strip of blue gingham hearts!  This is my favorite-punch-at-the-moment (it always changes with the season).  It's actually a border punch from Martha.  I trimmed it and used it this way instead.  I'm lovin' it so.


And like I said yesterday, as much as I love my Copics, I like to sneak around on 'em with my colored pencils.  If only Koh-I-Noors came in more colors ...

 Once last look at the crabby ...

I can hardly believe the stamping I've been able to do the past few days.  It's been great to get back into the studio and create some stuff.  My table's a mess.  The garbage can desperately needs to be emptied now, but it's all good.  I've made 9 cards in the past three days!  Go me!  



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